Reviewing gear, the way I’m doing it.

I am a born pessimist. Not pretty proud about it because life pretty difficult for us. When it comes into photography, I am probably just like most of photography fans. We love to test the latest gear, to see the latest announcement and even to own it! Some gear is so perfect in paper only to know it-is-meh in real life experience, oh no..

Reading reviews in the internet is good to know overall experience about the gear from the technical stuffs to the user experience. Like most reviews, it’s intentionally to made balance; there is good stuffs and bad stuffs where bad stuffs is probably hidden or unlighted from the main review. I could not afford to browse all the review just to find the bad stuffs or to find what’s the catch. So, in my way of viewing thing I prefer to focus on the bad stuffs first and a little light of the positive side if it is worth to share. The rest, I leave it to the ‘internet people’ to talk about it.

If you want to read my review, it is good for you to know several things:

  1. I do not really pixel peep. I was enjoying it, but not anymore. Maybe my laptop has been lagging here and there pushing all the power it needs to run photo processing software, maybe I’m not printing my photo, maybe I just being busy..a lot of maybe.
  2. This review is personal, take it or leave it. Feel free to comments, views and share the links. I do make some mistakes, correct me. I’m still learning like most of us here. I’m not bound to any brand or manufacturers. I’m no professional photographer. Unless stated otherwise in the future.
  3. I have several philosophy in my photography style. I like vignetting, I like travelling light, I like to shoot wide open no matter how the lighting are, I like this, I like that.. I will inform you in the review so that you’ll know why this photo is that and why that photo is this..etc.

I hope you enjoy my review, blog and photos. I only have one question, am I doing it right?


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